TLCF Belief Statement

Taken from our Articles of Incorporation as a nonprofit organization with the State of California

The specific purposes of this  corporation are to facilitate and encourage the  growth of Christians and to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ to  non-Christians. The term “Christians” and the name “Jesus Christ” are  to be defined consistent with the following beliefs which are the  beliefs  and basis of this corporation:   
1) The Bible is the the inspired, literal, infallible, and all-sufficient Word  of God given to man for the revelation of God and for the teaching of man in  conduct and faith. By the term “Bible,” for purposes of this statement, is meant either the Authorized King James, New  King James, New American Standard, New International, or Revised Standard  versions.                   
2) Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Who pre-existed for eternity, Who was born on  earth of a virgin, Who died sinless for man’s sins, Who rose again, Who sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for  man, Who will return again.                   
3) The true God exists as a Trinity of three coequal, coeternal personalities—the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.                   
4) God the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth is perfect in holiness,  wisdom, power, and love; concerns Himself in the affairs of men; hears and  answers prayers; acted and acts through history as recorded in the Bible.                   
5) The Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Jesus Christ and is the abiding  helper, teacher, and guide. The Holy Spirit is involved in present ministry and  provides Biblical fruit and the gifts of the Spirit.                   
6) Man has fallen from a state of innocence. Through the disobedience of Adam  sin and its consequence, death, were introduced into the world, and every human  is by nature a sinner in the eyes of God and in need of redemption.                   
7) Man is only redeemed before God  by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Man’s salvation is a gift of God  in no way tied into works (man’s deeds/human effort) but solely based on  confession and repentance of sin, and  faith in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ dying on the cross as a  sacrifice  in our place.                   
8) Satan is real, a fallen angel, a created being, the enemy of God, the source  of evil, the destroyer of men.                   
9) Heaven, a place created for eternity with God, and Hell, a place created for  eternal separation from God, are real.                   
10) The church is commissioned by Christ to go into all the world to make  disciples.                   
11) Believers are sanctified, called out of the world, set apart by God for His  holy purposes, to honor and glorify Him in this age and to spend eternity with  Him in heaven. Jesus Christ enables us to live lives that are pleasing to Him,  and He is our advocate with the Father when we fall short. In Jesus Christ is  found all things pertaining to life and Godliness, and in Him is found all  sufficiency for that life and Godliness.